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Anonymous said: You probably should take "no porn" out of the description as there is porn on this blog.

where, give me an example and i will remove it

Anonymous said: What is the show on channel 4 called

commando school

Lads this is what it’s all about!

A new show on Channel 4, thanks to the follower who alerted me to this.

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Army pranks, nice.

Anonymous said: It's the the set of pics "more of Joe" he is on a bed getting blown by a girl with her eyes coloured out. Looks like a trans to me. I bet those dirty gits got up to alsorts ;) Try and post some pics of them at the bars

Ok those pics aren’t mine, I just reblogged them but yeah I agree with you. These are the pics from Thailand that I was talking about, I’ll see if I can find more and try to identify the bar there. The guy in these pics with his cock out is called Eoin, and he’s really something.