Ok so I’ve had some feedback about Elliot and there is a possibility that the material wasn’t unsuitable, so I’ve removed the pics from my blog. Can I stress that the pics weren’t sourced by me, I’ve just reblogged them, any concerns should be directed to the original uploader of the pictures.

Paras do it best

Paras do it best


Thanks to all my followers. Bit of catching up to do if I’m to make 20,000 by the end of the year but I feel it’s possible. Submissions always wanted. If there are any army lads following me -mail me please!

No more anonymous questions, if you’ve something to say, have an account

Anonymous said: whose the blonde dude from post/92581785752?

I’m not going to identify lads, especially to Anonymous users.

marriedmanluster said: Hi, do u have any pics of lads in the qdg's

what’s that?

Anonymous said: you honestly don't think this site has porn. there are nudes and penises on every page but i mean i guess "no porn"

There’s adult material on here. But it’s not porn, porn is when people model/or act and get naked and have sex for money. These are just pics that I’ve found on facebook.

Callum Bond, Commando School

bracks1 said: Unfortunately no one I know but a great blog ;)

Some submissions of your hot friends would be welcome